Fun Park Mirnovec in Biograd na Moru is the largest amusement park in this part of Europe, with a lot of attention paid to the landscaping of green areas. The entire project was a huge challenge since the works had to be completed within a short time period.

We are pleased to announce to have successfully completed all horticultural works in the above mentioned facility. The landscaping of green areas included: planting all the plant material, seeding 5,000 m2 of grass lawns, installing 1500 m2 of artificial grass carpets and the entire automatic sprinkler system of "Rain Bird", a leading global brand.

The Fun Park Mirnovec Project was a high-quality job and is an excellent example of how the company Eurogarden functions and works.

On account of our successful implementation of the project, we have continued to care for and maintain the green areas at the Fun Park.


"After the trend of building houses and urban villas and their luxury interiors their Croatian owners have begun to take care about surrounding green surfaces, and decorations of their garden they leave often to the professionals."MARINA BILOŠ; Tjednik NACIONAL