Quality watering system, carefully planned, precisely installed and regularly maintained is precondition for rational use of precious element of life, which is Water.


The Company Eurogarden performs the installation of watering devices of the leading world manufacturer RAIN BIRD which increases the efficiency of water usage "Intelligent use of Water". Rain Bird has developed the wide palette of standard and specialized devices for satisfying needs in watering of presence and future. The system for automatic watering is based on common operation of sprinkler, timer, sensors as well as tubes and electromagnetic vents. Because of all this it is very important that educated and professional team of the company Eurogarden plans and installs YOUR SYSTEM.

"Quality watering system, carefully planned, precisely installed and regularly maintained is precondition for rational use of precious element of life, which is Water."

Within automatic watering systems the company Eurogarden offers you also the systems for cooling inner and outer spaces PERFECT COOL which are ideal for creating atmosphere of Tropical Gardens and for house terraces, gardens, restaurants, bars, disco clubs, beaches... No matter where the installed cooling systems Perfect Cool provide moments of pure pleasure, even on hottest days.

Rain Bird develops and produces all important components for your watering system:
• Timers for activation electromagnetic vents according to the schedule,
• Electromagnetic vents over which the sprinklers and pats of micro watering system are supplied,
• Static and dynamic sprinklers (pop – up and over ground) for watering through rain,
• Components for micro watering systems, which are used for watering bushes, garden beds, balcony pots and similar,
• Complete palette of various accessories for watering system, like sensors for rainfall, regulator, anti vandal applications and similar.

Purchase only RAIN BIRD products for the whole system in order to ensure compatible components that guarantee top quality and optimal efficiency of your watering system.

Rely on the best

With 70 years of experience and innovations in watering, RAIN BIRD provides their buyers the products of the top quality, which are recognized on the markets all over the world. Rain Bird can praise with first class references on historical gardens, public and commercial decorative surfaces, sport fields, golf courts, hippodromes and similar objects.

Why should you choose Eurogarden?

The Company Eurogarden will:
• Provide for appropriate drains and gapes for pipes and adequate depth of excavation of the ditches
• Divide your watering system into more zones if necessary
• Take care of losses of pressure so that optimal amount of pressure in the system is provided, for proper functioning of sprinklers
• Choose appropriate devices for your system on the grounds of the need of herbal material after water
• Place the sprinklers evenly in order to provide even watering through rainfall
• Respect local regulation, laws and statutes which refer to water – supply and electro installations
• Provide for possible future system extensions
• Provide you detailed information about the way how to control system and about need of periodical system adjustment to climate conditions during season, in order to assure enough water for herbal material, with rational water consumption.



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"The Company Eurogarden leads you from construction sites to beautiful green surfaces with DALMATIAN and MEDITERRANEAN STITCH"