Horticultural services refer primarily to producing CONCEPT DESIGNS, whereat wishes, needs and visions of the investor himself become one as well as the idea, professional advice and creativity of our team which is comprised of educated and professional engineers of picturesque architecture and environment decoration.

After the investor has accepted one of the offered options, one approaches the making of the COMPLETE PROJECT of landscape decoration and that comprises all segments, starting from making list of expense, 3D visualization of your exterior, all types of performed works, all types of herbal material used, all architecture parts that form the project and so on. When and if the investor accepts the project and expresses his satisfaction, one approaches the beginning of the works themselves.

The Company Eurogarden, except performing all works necessary for the environment decoration, offers also the option of the so called "post sale service" MAINTAINING gardens, infields and all other green surfaces. So, the company Eurogarden offers you logistic support in sense of consulting, advising, taking care of your garden, environment and the company also offers you the complete service of type "TURN - KEY" in the following sense: leave everything to us, let us MAINTAIN your green surface.

The Company Eurogarden has specialized for urban environment decoration in NEWBUILDING whether the URBAN VILLAS, RESIDENTIAL AREAS, BUILDINGS, SPORT HALLS, BUSINESS OFFICES, HOUSES or COTTAGES are in question.

The Company Eurogarden offers you the complete service of decoration of your green belt, you can find everything on one place and that is what we are proud of and what makes us unique in Croatia, This is something by which differ us from the rest of such companies in Croatia. Leave everything to us, from excavation, taking away the material from the field and purchase and delivery of the soil.


Modern gardens which are the idea of the company Eurogarden are hard to imagine without grasslands. It all depends on wishes and needs of our clients. If you wish only for English grassland or the grassland for playing, all you have to do is to express your wishes to us and you will get the desirable grassland.

The Company Eurogarden offers services of selling and installing GRASS BUSHES, or better to say, GRASS CARPET according to your wishes and orders. That is the grass which has already been breaded and it only needs to be installed on the desired surface.

"The Company Eurogarden leads you from construction sites to beautiful green surfaces with DALMATIAN and MEDITERRANEAN STITCH."


"After the trend of building houses and urban villas and their luxury interiors their Croatian owners have begun to take care about surrounding green surfaces, and decorations of their garden they leave often to the professionals."MARINA BILOŠ; Tjednik NACIONAL