Our biggest wish is to contribute to increase of general life quality and to general prosperity of our community, through decoration of the environment.

"Picturesque architecture becomes in Croatia too finally reflection of the society, culture, style and status, what has been in the rest of the world for quite a long time."

The company Eurogarden was established in the year 2005 with its headquarters in Briševo, a little place near Zadar. Its primary activity is horticulture, or better to say, planning, designing, decoration and maintenance of the environment.

The Company Eurogarden is conceptualized in the way that it offers you on one place all services, work, material, professional advices and projects which refer to decoration of environment and all green surfaces.

Whether it is house garden, new green surface or decoration and maintenance of existing surface in question, the company Eurogarden comprises complete offer for decoration of your environment, you can find everything here, no need to go somewhere else.


Our basic lodestar shall be adjustment to your requests and wishes, as an individual buyer and user of our services. The quality, optimal price, best service, satisfaction of the buyers, high trade standards, investment in modernizing all segments of trade are the end targets of the company Eurogarden.

Our biggest wish is to contribute to increase of general life quality and to general prosperity of our community, through decoration of the environment.


We have stated here only some of our appreciated clients who use are services.

  • Turistička zajednica GRAD NIN

  • Turistička zajednica ZATON

  • Turistička zajednica KOLAN

  • Sveučilite u ZADRU - Novi Kampus

  • Turistička zajednica GRAD BENKOVAC

  • Turističko naselje & kamp ŠIMUNI

  • Turistička zajednica MASLENICA

  • Poljana Ivana Pavla II, Poluotok Zadar - Grad Zadar

  • Gradski Bedemi - Muraj, Poluotok Grad Zadar

  • Supernova centar Zadar

  • Luka Gaženica putnički terminal - Grad Zadar

  • Fun park "Mirnovec" - Biograd n/m

  • Športska Dvorana "Krešimir Ćosić" na Višnjiku - Grad Zadar

  • Trg Dr.Franje Tuđmana u Škabrnji

  • Šetnica u kanalu sv. Ante - Grad Šibenik

  • Falkensteiner hotels & resort Punta Skala

  • Projekt "Palme" uvala Jazine, Grad Zadar

  • Hotel Theraphia Crikvenica – Falkensteiner Grupa

  • Kneževa palača, Grad Zadar

  • Stambeno-poslovni centar Jadran Invest d.o.o.

  • Urbane ville Tobis Inženjering d.o.o. - Petrčane

  • Kazalište lutaka Zadar – Grad Zadar

  • Muzej stakla na Muraju - Grad Zadar

  • Urbane Vile Spalldi, Puntamika, Zadar

  • Adriatic Security Zadar - Upravna Zgrada

  • Jedriličarski klub "Uskok" Zadar

  • Tankerska Plovidba d.d.

  • Zelene površine grad Pag

  • Turisthotel d.d.

  • Turističko naselje Zaton

  • Villa Quercus - Briševo

  • Grad Pag - Zelene Površine

  • Hotel Luna – Jakišnica otok Pag

  • Erste & Steiermarkische Banka, Zadar

  • EMV-Plin poslovni centar Zadar

  • Punta Skala resorts

  • Club Garden, Bedemi, Zadar

  • Pinija Club, Petrčane

  • Restoran Taverna Diklo Zadar

  • Apartmansko Naselje tvrtke Dea d.o.o.; Punta Skala

  • Urbana villa obitelji Baranović, Kožino

  • Obiteljska Villa Ninčević, Zadar

  • Benzinske pumpe Apios (Zadar zapad i Zadar istok)

  • Benzinske pumpe Crodux (autoput A1 Janjče istok i Janjče zapad)

  • Kamenolom tvrtke Maraš (Zapužane - Benkovac)

  • Ulica dr. Franje Tuđmana - Grad Zadar




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"The Company Eurogarden leads you from construction sites to beautiful green surfaces with DALMATIAN and MEDITERRANEAN STITCH"