The company Eurogarden provides the service of PROJECT AND CONCEPTUAL DESIGN OF YOUR ENVIRONMENT, that represents a blend of wishes, needs and investor’s vision and an idea, expert and professional advice and creativity of our professional team of trained engineers of landscape architecture and landscaping.

Once an investor accepts one of the proposed solutions, starts the development of the COMPLETE PROJECT of landscape architecture, which includes all segments starting from the list of expenses, 3D visualization of your exterior, all kinds of works that will be performed, all kinds of plant material that will be used, all architectural components that will be included in the project, etc. Actual construction works start when and if the investor is satisfied and accepts the project.


"After the trend of building houses and urban villas and their luxury interiors their Croatian owners have begun to take care about surrounding green surfaces, and decorations of their garden they leave often to the professionals."MARINA BILOŠ; Tjednik NACIONAL