All plants will occasionally come under attack from pests. Plant protection tries to prevent losses due to diseases, pests and weeds. Difficulties when selecting among a multitude of measures and well-known plant protection agents, and the necessity of their professional application requires specialized knowledge.

Modern plant protection solves current problems by integrating the existing knowledge and preventive, mechanical, chemical, biological and other measures to fight pests, as a result reducing the loss of yield and preserving plant species, especially palms which are in danger of mass extinction, with minimal damage to the environment.

Therefore, plant protection is equally important to all fields of plant production, in landscape and urban planning, industrial and sports facilities, waterways, canals, etc.


"After the trend of building houses and urban villas and their luxury interiors their Croatian owners have begun to take care about surrounding green surfaces, and decorations of their garden they leave often to the professionals."MARINA BILOŠ; Tjednik NACIONAL