School Ivo Mašina

We are proud to present another in a series of successful projects of the company Eurogarden - landscaping of the Catholic Primary School "Ivo Mašina" in Zadar, built under the auspices of the Zadar Archdiocese. Trees and other lower plants have been planted on over 2,000 m2; lawns have been arranged, as well as two sports fields and hidden gardens with direct access from the classrooms. We were pleased to provide Zadar's children with outside space arranged according to the same standards as the interior of this modern educational institution that is the pride of all citizens of the city of Zadar.


"After the trend of building houses and urban villas and their luxury interiors their Croatian owners have begun to take care about surrounding green surfaces, and decorations of their garden they leave often to the professionals."MARINA BILOŠ; Tjednik NACIONAL